What it Means When An Insurance Company Denies Your Bike Accident Claim


Over the years, our firm has had the opportunity to represent many clients in bike accident injury cases whose claims had been denied by a defendant’s insurance company before they decided to consult a lawyer.

As a bicycle accident firm based in Chicago, we’ve seen a lot of legitimate bike accident injury claims get denied by insurance companies right off the bat, often for completely silly and unfair reasons, and sometimes for no real reason at all.

If you’ve had the misfortunate of being in a bicycle accident in Chicago, we always suggest that you do nothing without calling a lawyer first, particularly if you’ve been injured. As we’ve explained in previous posts, a bicycle injury attorney will always take your call and discuss your claim with you for free, so there is really no downside to it for you. And the upside is huge: after you’e retained a lawyer, the lawyer will make sure you don’t end up accidentally doing anything to hurt your case, which is another problem clients of ours have run into when they’ve tried to obtain compensation on their own before consulting with us.

However, if you’ve already been involved in an accident and have tried to settle the case by yourself only to be denied by the insurance company, we’re here to tell you that your situation isn’t hopeless, and that you should still give us a call for that free consultation. A lot of times, insurance companies, particularly bad ones, will deny a claim first and ask questions later, regardless of whether or not the claim has merit. They are under no real obligation to treat you fairly or to closely consider your claim, and they certainly aren’t obligated to resolve the claim in your favor, even if all the facts are on your side. In fact, most insurance companies will try to take advantage of an unrepresented claimant whenever and however they can.

That’s why the ability to file a lawsuit is so important. Once suit is filed, the insurance companies and their attorneys are under much more pressure to not only deal fairly with the injured cyclist (and his or her attorneys), but they are being economically pressured not to spend more money on fighting the case if it isn’t worth it. The pressures Plaintiffs’ lawyers can apply are both legal and economic.

So if you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident in Illinois that wasn’t your fault, and the insurance company has denied your claims, don’t fret. Give us a call or send us a message. Tell us your story, and let us tell you whether or not we can help. You’ve got nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain, no matter what the insurance companies try to tell you.