Tailwinds Bike Shop Offers Mobile Repair Services Perfect for Injured Cyclists


Yesterday I had the pleasure of stopping by Tailwinds Cycles in Albany Park to get some quick repairs done on my bike. I got to meet the owners, Ben and Steven and had a nice chat with them about their mobile bicycle repair service.

This is something that I will be recommending to many of my injured clients who have unreadable damaged bicycles. One thing I’ve noticed in my years as a personal injury attorney (working almost exclusively for cyclists( is that so many of my injured clients gain so much, both mentally and emotionally, from being able to get on their bikes again as they recover from their injuries. Ben and Steven’s mobile repair service seems like it might be perfect for those in need of serious bike repairs who are not 100% physically. Don’t feel like riding quite yet? Bike unreadable anyway? No problem. These guys will come to you.