Supporting Local Artists: Heavy Air Happy Hour


Throughout our years of representing injured cyclists in and around Chicago, we’ve had the privilege of working for many musicians and artists in our local community. And since the institution of COVID lockdowns, one of the industries that has been hardest hit has been the bar/club/live entertainment sector.

Not only have many working artists and musicians in the city not been able to perform/exhibit their work over the past year, but more or less all of the venues in which they’ve previously worked have been completely shut down to the public. Chicago Bike Law Firm has worked in 2020 to try and provide some relief to service workers at these businesses, but we also believe that it’s important to continue to sponsor virtual live music events.

In that spirit, we are continuing our sponsorship of Heavy Air Happy Hour, our monthly (virtual, for now) event at Cafe Mustache with host and collaborator Andrew Scott Young. We’ll be doing the latest installment of this event on Friday, February 5 at 7 pm. Please click here for details, and here to tune in to the twitch stream. We hope to see you there!