Colin Cameron began focusing on representing cyclists and pedestrians a couple years ago when one of his good friends was doored while riding his bike on a busy street in Wicker Park. The accident resulted in a broken collar bone and severe damage to his friend’s shoulders, arms and back.  His friend received treatment at the emergency room, but didn’t have health insurance, which meant he was stuck with daunting hospital bills and a long list of medical treatments he needed, but couldn’t afford. 

Colin stepped in to represent his friend, and helped him secure a large cash settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. It not only paid for his bicycle repairs and all his hospital bills, but also compensated him for the time he missed at work, past and future medical treatments that he couldn’t have afforded otherwise, and all of the pain and suffering he dealt with during and after the accident.


It was at that time that Colin realized how many of his friends used bikes and sidewalks to get around. Through his regular attendance at rock, electronic and experimental music shows in the city, as well as his legal work for local music industry clients such as the Acid Marshmallow festival and various independent sound engineers and producers, Colin has met a great number of people in the city’s music and creative communities, a large percentage of whom use bikes and their own two feet as their primary modes of transportation.  In a city as dense as Chicago, bike accidents and related injuries are an unfortunate inevitability.  

This is where the idea for Chicago Bike Law firm came from. After successfully representing his friend in the aftermath of his bike accident, Colin has developed a passion for advocating for some of the city’s most vulnerable and underrepresented users of public roadways: cyclists and pedestrians.  Whether the injuries are large or small, and whether or not you have health insurance, auto insurance, or any experience dealing with the insurance industry’s imposing bureaucracy, if you’ve been injured in an accident you need the best possible legal representation to get the compensation you deserve.  And at Chicago Bike Law Firm, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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